About Us

We Are RAS

We focus on fundraising, donating, and helping the children of the world.

Over 30 members

Starting from a small group of only 8 members, Raise A Smile has expanded to become one of the most influential clubs ever seen at Newton South High School with a total count of 32 members.

Founded in 2014

Among the numerous clubs at Newton South, RAS is a relatively new organization. Nevertheless, we are one of the most organized and impactful clubs, finishing multiple projects over the course of each year.

Fun and rewarding

Our purpose is to not only provide a both fun and inspirational environment for NSHS students to help the community, but to also give opportunities for new friendships to flourish.

Let's meet on a Thursday

Our meetings are always on Thursdays so if you ever want to drop by, we’ll be there!

Thursday J Block

Room 2207


Raise A Smile is a student led club at Newton South High School. Our mission is to help as many kids around the New England area as possible through fundraising projects and events.