our 2018 holiday surprise project with the MercyFirst non-profit agency based in New York.


What's MercyFirst?

MercyFirst is a non-profit human services agency based in New York, helping over 3,200 children, teenagers, and families. We reached out to them in early December and began preparing holiday surprises for the kids.
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What were inside the stockings?

Each holiday surprise was fitted inside a mini stocking, containing chocolates, candies, temporary tattoos, a variety of toys, a card designed and signed by one of our members, and friendship bracelets made by our members.
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What's so fun about it?

Each and every one of the bracelets we put in the stockings were handmade by one of our members. It's always fun to make small crafts like bracelets together, especially when you are doing it for something good. With music and food in the background, the Abbott House project was not only for a good cause but also a team bonding moment.
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Raise A Smile is a student led club at Newton South High School. Our mission is to help as many kids around the New England area as possible through fundraising projects and events.